Noah’s Ark Foundation Presents Pet First Aid/CPR Training on February 9!

What better way to protect your best friend than to know what to do if he or she becomes sick or injured or goes into cardiac arrest. You may be the only hope your pet has before getting to the vet.  Check out our “Events” page for details!!

Back to School Celebration

Back to School Celebration

On August 30, Abby, the Mold & Arson Sniffing Dog, and Tapioca, the Search & Rescue Dog, attended a Back to School Celebration for 20 homeschooled children and their family. Abby and Larry Hite did a mold sniffing demo, and Conrad Levoit and Tapioca did a search and rescue demo for the crowd. Both demos were a great tie-in with the school’s Science topic (sense of smell) and Social Studies (working animals and community service).


Zoey, a Lab mix, was hit by a car at the intersection of Lincoln and 11th St. on June 10th of this year.  The accident was observed by an alert Noah’s Ark Board member, and Tracy Animal Control was directed to take Zoey to a local vet for treatment funded by Noah’s Ark.  Zoey also had some separation anxiety issues that needed to be resolved as well with some long-term medication.

A Warm Welcome for “Igloo”

Igloo, or “Iggy”, was our first feline customer for Noah’s Ark Foundation of  Tracy.  Iggy was one of several kittens that were found behind some stored “Igloo Coolers” at Deuel Vocational Center in Tracy.  While moving some of the coolers from the storage room, one fell and crushed Iggy’s little front leg.  Unfortunately he lost the leg, but he, too, is doing fine now and living a happy life in a local Tracy home.

Perky Penny Gets Pinned

In May of 2012, Penny, a Chihuahua mix, came to us requiring some very delicate surgery on her broken leg.  Surgery had to be performed a second time because the pins didn’t hold.  The vet had to bring in Avian (bird) surgical instruments to do the delicate surgery to finally fix Penny’s leg.  She, too, is now in a great home locally in Tracy!

Koa Inspires Noah

In December 2011, Koa became the first Noah’s Ark Foundation of  Tracy save.  He had an injured left leg that required surgery and, unfortunately, he, too, lost his leg due to infection.  But like all the others, Koa now has a happy home and is living the good life with a loving new owner.


A Bright Shining Star…Comet!

In 2010, Comet, the Golden Retriever, was found one morning on someone’s front porch licking severe wounds on his lower legs.  Comet had apparently been hit by a car and dragged.  Larry Hite (having lost an election bid for Tracy City Council) donated the remainder of his campaign moneys to help Comet with his medical bills.  Comet recovered completely and still has all four legs.  Yay!

To Be Frank…Here’s Hank!

Shortly after Shiloh, Hank the Pit mix came into the picture with a severely damaged rear leg.  Larry Hite helped the new owner raise funds for surgery and amputation of Hank’s rear leg.

Planting the Seed for Noah’s Ark…

Shiloh, a border collie with a severely damaged front leg/shoulder, was one of the first dogs who was injured, and her front leg amputation was funded by Noah’s Ark Founder, Larry Hite.   So, you could say Shiloh was the one who “planted the seed” in Larry’s head for Noah’s Ark.

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